What are the benefits of a raised dog bed?

What are the benefits of a raised dog bed?

Raised dog beds are preferable for all the reasons you would prefer a bed with a base rather than a mattress on the floor! 

  • A raised bed with a slatted base allows air to circulate underneath which stops condensation, and inhibits the conditions that encourage dust mites and mould growth.  It can also help prevent that damp dog odour.
  • Sleeping conditions will not be influenced by cold from the floor, or excessive heat from underfloor heating.
  • Large dogs, and those who are no longer as active as they once were, find raised beds easier to get in and out of
  • Fleas can only jump 6” high, so they may not be able to jump into the bed!
  • Pets often prefer to be on our level – hence so many of them prefer the sofa to the floor – so a raised bed gives them a bed of their own, nearer to their human family.
  • Raised beds are heavy, less likely to move when the dog jumps in or towed around the house by an overenthusiastic pup.

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  • Jo Smith
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