Things to consider when choosing the right dog bed...

Things to consider when choosing the right dog bed...

There are hundreds of different types of dog bed for sale in the UK today, from online or bricks and mortar retailers. On average your dog will spend 12 to 14 hours a day resting so it is important to choose the right dog bed.

There are lots of factors to consider, Lazy Dogs HQ suggest you think about the following:


Most dog beds sold in the UK, whatever they are made from, sit directly on the floor. These types of beds have several potential shortcomings including condensation, mould, mites, and poor insulation, and we have covered these in a previous blog post.

Lazy Dogs beds are raised beds. This means that the mattress sits above the floor on slats within an oak frame. The mattress has no direct contact with the floor, allowing air to circulate and eliminating the disadvantages mentioned above.

Bed material

Most dog beds are made from soft materials. Usually a washable polyester or cotton cover surrounding a foam or polyester fibre filling. These have the advantage that they are soft and padded and your dog will usually find them very comfortable (initially at least). The disadvantages of these soft beds (when placed directly on the floor) is that they quickly get dirty, smelly and can easily get damaged. They also have a habit of starting to look a bit tatty as the filling begins to flatten and lose its shape.

At Lazy Dogs we minimise the drawbacks of soft material dog beds by combining a wooden bed frame and soft inner mattress. While being practical, our wooden dog beds are also classically styled to suit both modern and older homes. The mattresses have a choice of hardwearing contemporary covers to match your home décor.

Wood type

There are many online suppliers selling wooden dog beds. But please be aware not all wooden dog beds are equal!

The majority of dog beds for sale are made entirely from pine or other softwoods. Pine has many advantages – it is easy to work, it can be stained or painted, and most importantly it is cheap. However, the downside to pine and other softwoods is that they are very susceptible to damage from scratches, knocks and chewing. So, again, after a short period of time they can start to look tatty. Also, it can be very difficult to get a good quality finish on soft pine, which is probably why some suppliers offer their beds with a ‘rustic’ finish.

Lazy Dogs only uses white oak for the frames of its dog beds. Oak trees are slow growing, and the result is a denser, much more hard-wearing wood which resists damage. Oak has a beautiful grain which can be further improved through oils or waxes and looks great in any home. The only downside of using oak is that it is expensive, usually costing 4 times as much as pine.

All oak used to create Lazy Dogs beds is obtained from sustainable, well managed sources.

Price – why Lazy Dogs beds offer good value for money

A key factor when buying a dog bed will be the price.

By and large, soft material dog beds will be cheaper, particularly those mass produced and sold by high street pet shops. However, you also need to consider the lifetime cost. Cheaper soft dog beds will need replacing frequently as they get smelly and dirty ,and stop providing the necessary support and comfort for your dog.  

A Lazy Dogs oak framed dog bed is designed to last many, many years. The position of the mattress in the bed frame also means that it will last far longer than a mattress placed directly on the floor.

With wooden dog beds you should also consider the total cost of buying the bed. With most suppliers of wooden dog beds, the mattress is offered separately at additional cost, adding significantly to the overall cost. Also, the bespoke size of the dog bed frame can often tie you into buying only their mattresses and spare covers.

At Lazy Dogs we offer a free mattress with every bed, which means that the one-off initial price includes everything you need. Lazy Dogs beds are designed to fit mattresses from established UK manufacturer - GB Pet Beds. These mattresses are available from Lazy Dogs and a wide variety of online retailers (including the manufacturer direct).

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